A Small(ish) Art Dump // Q + A

Hey frens! My last post was excessively long and rambly. I promise that this post is much shorter. (probably more boring but y’know, you win some you lose some.)

Sooo…the other day, someone on the internet mentioned that they would like to see some of my art.

And I was just over here goin’:

There isn’t much to see, let me tell you.

I don’t consider myself much of an artist. (at least in the terms of drawing, sketching, painting…and pumpkin carving).

I’m more of a dabbler.

Merriam-Webster defines artist as one who professes and practices an imaginative art or a person skilled in one of the fine arts.

I can hardly claim to be either of those things.

I scribble around and sometimes, on rare occasions, everything manages to come together and look decent. (Most times it looks like garbage.)

But I haven’t let that keep me back, either. I just go right on making garbage and will do so till my heart is content.

My inner critic can go fly a kite.

So, in case you didn’t figure it out yet, this post is going to be an art dump. (apologies for the low-quality images. I’m not a photographer, after all.)

It is only natural that I start this post out with pictures of hedgehogs. (if you look really closely at the second drawing, you can see a face…my paper was a bit thin. 😬)

Recent snail mail randomness.


My cartoon version of Mr. Darcy. 😀

This picture was from a drawing challenge I did back in December 2019.

All images belong to ME. Unfortunate things will befall those who use them without permission. I will hunt you down. I will find you. I will pillage your fridge. I will burn your books…while I sit by…eating pizza…and forcing you to watch it all. Don’t cross me. Or my hedgehogs…they’ll shoot their quills at you.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my art/pictures/garbage/stuff.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I mentioned a Q&A in my title.

Welp. It’s because my blogoversary is coming up rather quickly and for lack of a better idea, I’ve decided to celebrate the one year milestone with a Q+A. So drop as many questions in the comments below as your heart doth desire and in next time’s post I will attempt to answer them as we eat cake together and celebrate The Happy Hedgehog’s birthday. (I don’t even know if I have enough followers to do a Q+A but y’know, let’s just roll with it!)


27 thoughts on “A Small(ish) Art Dump // Q + A

  1. So… I’m usually that person commenting on weeks old posts, but maybe today I’m (one of) the first? (Mix it up, ya know?) 

    Of course we want to see your artwork!!! *folds arms – wins staring match* M’kay, are you convinced? (Also, that IS a fantastic gif.  ) I love all of these pieces, but my favorites are the boy giving a gift to the elderly gentleman, Mr. Darcy, the whales, the friendship envelope art, the hello card, and the second hedgie. (Okay, so that was close to everything… but I careth not.  ) I like your styles of drawing so much! They are heartwarming. Keep it up, dear. 

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    1. Hey, wordpress! Where did my emojis go? I accuse you of eating them for a snack. *glares* ALSO, the rest of my comment! What have you done with it??

      Here’s the rest of my comment that didn’t post. *humph*

      Okay: Q&A!!!
      1. What has happened to Jeb and Ollie and Ferdinand??? Have they perished?
      2. What’s the best thing and the worst thing about being homeschooled?
      3. If you decided to learn to play an instrument, what would it be?

      I could make up tons of questions (it’s fun!!) but I guess I’ll stop there for now. I wouldn’t want you to have like an 8-part Q&A post.

      P.S. I obviously have way too much of a penchant for parentheses. Which is unfortunate because I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to use them correctly. (Ha!)

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    2. Congratulations on being punctual. I commend thee! 😉

      Aw, thanks, lovely! ❤️ Those are my favorites too.

      UGH. I hate when comments get eaten…sorry about that. 😐

      Thank you for the wonderful questions! I shall have fun answering them. 😀 (Heehee, well, I seem to have the same problem. There’s just something decidedly charming about parentheses! 😂)


  2. so…

    *clears throat*
    That to say, I love all your art. every single piece up there is a masterpiece of happiness and i love it. 🙂
    1. If you were to switch place with a Disney princess which would you switch places with and what would you change about their actions?
    2. If you had to switch place with a VILLIAN (bahaha) and have to fight for their cause in any film/movie/book, which would switch with? And what in their approach of fighting for their cause would you change?
    3. If you met your characters in the middle of a fight say at Walmart, what would your reaction be.
    4. Why not cilantro?

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    1. (that was weird. my heart turned into a smiley face. is this the return of the great yellow monster?? AlSo PaRt oF mY cOmMeNt DiSaPeaRed *screams* At least it wasn’t the important part ;))

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    2. Thank youuu, Evelyn! 😊 Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for not dying…all three things greatly appreciated! 😄

      Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot. ❤️

      Delightful questions! They are all fantastic. 😀

      (oh dear, wordpress must just be having problems today. 🙄 sorry about that…have some chocolate?)

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  3. Lovely post!
    1. What inspired you to start blogging?
    2. Favorite Wingfeather sibling? (Or, if you haven’t read the Wingfeather Saga, do you want to?)
    3. Favorite music artists/albums and why?
    4. Invite a dead person over to your house. (Obviously, he/she will have to act alive. But must actually be dead.) (Let me rephrase: pick a hero of yours who is real but not currently alive, and imagine that they are alive and at your house.) Write a short dialogue between the two of you. (That wasn’t really a question. Oh well.)

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  4. Girl, you are totally an artist! (I found a better definition: a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker. 😉)
    Those hedgehogs are adorable!! 💛😄
    Okay, questions… *rubs hands together mischievously*
    1. What’s something you’ve learned in your blogging journey?
    2. What’s your favorite condiment?
    3. What’s your favorite joke/one-liner?
    4. Have you ever considered piracy? (You’d make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts. 😉)
    5. Favorite word in the English language?
    6. What’s something you would like to say for absolutely no reason at all, other than to just say it?

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    1. Aw, shucks, Chalice! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😭❤️ You’re comment is the sweetest! (ahh, yes, that IS a better definition!)

      And great questions! I can’t wait to answer them! 😊


  5. Awww, I love your art! (And I believe that everyone who’s creative is an artist! 😀 ) My favorites have got to be the envelope art from Romans and the boy giving the man a gift. ❤

    Mmm, now for some questions:
    1. What superpower would you love to have?
    2. What are three of your favorite fictional sibling relationships?
    3. What are your top five favorite movies?
    4. Would you rather wear a mithril shirt or an elven cloak?
    5. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    6. Thunderstorms, yes or no?
    7. Do you usually remember your dreams?
    8. Have you ever completed a novel?

    *peers at questions* Welp, that's quite a few, but hopefully it works. XD

    Loved reading this! And happy early blogoversary!!

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  6. *runs around screaming because CUTENESS* Eeeeep your drawings are so cute!!!! I love alllllll of them, especially Mr. Darcy, the whales, “you’ve got a friend in me”, and the old man and the boy!! (oops, that was most of them…) ❤ ❤ My heart is filled with such happinessssssss Eden! Keep making these drawings, they're amazing.

    AS FOR you bloggy birthday, yay! *cracks knuckles*

    – Most underappreciated Disney movie of all time?
    – What would you do if you woke up in your novel's world?
    – What is the worst way to die, in your opinion?
    – Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

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    1. Aw, Kenechi! *blushes* Your just too sweet!!! 😊 Thanks bunches, girl! I’m glad they made you happy. ❤️❤️❤️

      Ahh, more FANTASTIC questions! Thank you muchly! (did you come up with that last one yourself? 😂)

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  7. Omg I will never get over how cute your hedgehog illustrations are :,( SO. CUTE. I love what you did with Romans 15:13 (actually mentioned that verse in my latest blog post lol)!! And the Mr. Darcy piece was just lovely; I love that one. Hmmm, my question for you is this: How did you find your own, unique writing voice? (because I’m obsessed with it & I always love to hear how other people found theirs)

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    1. EEeep, thanks, Macey! 😍 Haha, really?! It’s such a good verse! 😊

      ohmygoodness, that’s such a huge compliment! Thank you so much! ❤️ I shall attempt to answer it in my post. 😄

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  8. It’ the cartoon Mr. Darcy that I never knew I needed. Your drawings are delightful! The hedgehogs. I love them.
    Wow, blogoversary! Let’s see, what questions will I ask… (feel free to use whichever ones you want to answer and leave the rest).
    1) Do Ferdinand and Olli have any opinions about how one should cook potatoes?
    2) What are your five favorite songs currently?
    3) Would you eat ice cream in the rain?
    4) Would you drink hot chocolate in 90 degree weather?
    5) What are your favorite things about blogging?
    6) If you wrote a poem about this past blogging year, what would it be called?

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    1. Thank you, Sponge! 😊 (I’m glad you liked my version of Mr. Darcy. As I drew him, I quickly realized that I really have no idea how cravats work. 😂)

      Those are absolutely wonderful questions and more likely then not I shall be using them all. 😄 Thank you for them!

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      1. Haha, I know what that is like! I often think I know what things look like until I try to draw them…and then I realize that I have no clue…what I’m doing.
        You are most welcome, I look forward to seeing your answers!

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  9. THE HEDGEHOGSSS and the little hat is so teenyyyyy

    Also your hand lettering?? So jaunty and satisfying

    You’ve Got a Friend in Me is one of my favorite favorite songs and I LOVE THAT ENVELOPE!!

    Can I adopt Whaley? I wanna pet his adorably oversized face XD

    Mr. Darcy is just, the cutest.

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    1. AAawww! *hugs this comment* ❤️❤️❤️

      Why thank you ma’am! *bows*

      Heehee! Well, I didn’t actually know there was a song with that title, I just saw the envelope on pinterest and was like “that’s so cute” and drew my own version. 😂

      Sorry, Whaley is mine. But you can pet him if you want. 😄

      Thank youuu. He was my favorite to draw.


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