The Continuation of The Q+A

Annnnnd I'm back! Welcome to the Second Installment Of Me Answering All Your Burning Questions. *drum roll* What superpower would you love to have? Maybe teleportation? That'd be convenient. Being bullet proof would be pretty awesome too. *suspenseful music* (to be read in a dramatic voice) You've been fighting the villain for the past six … Continue reading The Continuation of The Q+A

A Sad-ish Post With A Happy Ending

Dear Readers, HAPPY NATIONAL HEDGEHOG DAY. I was recently informed that there is, in fact, an entire 24 hour period set aside to celebrate these little walking pine cones we call hedgehogs. Upon learning this, it was only natural that I, a friend of the hedgies, should write a post in appreciation of their existence. … Continue reading A Sad-ish Post With A Happy Ending