A (Rather) Disastrous Interview Featuring Jeb The Hobbit

(italicized text is me) *loud, indistinct whispering* Is it on? Olli: I think so. Oh...here's a red button. Should I push it? It's on. No! Just come sit down. Olli: But I want to push it. Olli! Sit down right now and don't you dare push any buttons!! *shuffling* *clears throat* Hey friends! How's 2020 … Continue reading A (Rather) Disastrous Interview Featuring Jeb The Hobbit

Preptober Prompts: The Second Installment

Greetings, poor and pitiful humans, it is I, Ferdinand. I am here to attend to the business of my master, who having many pressing things to do, did summon me to complete this task for her. I, of course, complied with great joy because that is the loyal and trustworthy sort of hedgehog that I … Continue reading Preptober Prompts: The Second Installment