A (Rather) Disastrous Interview Featuring Jeb The Hobbit

(italicized text is me) *loud, indistinct whispering* Is it on? Olli: I think so. Oh...here's a red button. Should I push it? It's on. No! Just come sit down. Olli: But I want to push it. Olli! Sit down right now and don't you dare push any buttons!! *shuffling* *clears throat* Hey friends! How's 2020 … Continue reading A (Rather) Disastrous Interview Featuring Jeb The Hobbit

Return Of The Blogger

Hey guys!! I'm back! I missed you all so much and I can't wait to get back to blogging again! It honestly feels like I haven't posted anything in forever. I'm still in denial that 2019 is over. 2020?? WUT?????? HOW????? I feel old. 😫 Speaking of 2020, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope it's terrific! … Continue reading Return Of The Blogger